Many times drivers who buy a new set of tires wonder if they should have them balanced or not. The response is that they should since having them balanced would help them avoid having issues while driving as well as it would make the tires last longer and keep you from suffering headaches caused by the effects which imbalanced tires can create.

One of the main challenges drivers would find when tires are imbalanced is certain annoying movement it produces on the vehicle. This movement is similar to a shaking and gains intensity as the vehicle speed increases. This is one of the main factors by which a new set of tires should be balanced, since that would correct this issues and let the driver focus on the road without being upset by this vehicle shaking.


It is also vital to consider that there are two different kinds of imbalance known as dynamic and static. Dynamic imbalance causes an effect of back and forth shake to the vehicle which sometimes can also be combined with a sideways shake as well. In order to have this issue solved and achieve the proper dynamic balance, there must be one same weight in the front side of the wheel and tire than in the back side.

Alternatively, static imbalance makes the vehicle shake up and down and it could increase with the vehicle speed as well as it can become worse while time passes. This issue can be solved once that there is an exact equal weight in both halves of the tire wheel assembly.

Most vehicle service facilities, as well as almost every tire store where you would buy your new set of tires, have electronic balancers to help vehicle owners balancing their vehicle wheels. This way, you can easily have your new set of tires balanced as soon as you purchase them and with a high precision. Most of these electronic balancers would let checking both kinds of balance, the static and the dynamic one, allowing you this way to have a greatly balanced new set of tires.