Your vehicle’s hood, doors and trunk all function on the same way as your house’s front door. In order to close securely, they need a latch and a striker plate – the latch interfaces with the striker plate, and then closes when contact is made. With the trunk, the striker plate is mounted at the bottom of the trunk lip, while the latch is fixed to the trunk lid. When the trunk is closed, the latch secures within or around the striker plate. The most vital example of a striker plate is a flat piece of metal with a raised hook in the center. The trunk’s latch links with a moving, spring-loaded latch, and then closes around it, providing a secure hold. If the trunk striker is broken or misaligned, the trunk will not be able to close or may open up in its own.

Facts to Note:

Trunk striker plates are prone to wear and tear through normal, everyday use, but rarely demand a change.

Trunk striker plates are not unit of regular automotive maintenance or inspections, but you can equally visually examine its condition during regular use.

How to Fix:

The defective trunk striker plate is identified

The faulty trunk striker plate is removed

The new trunk striker plate is fitted

The trunk striker plate is adjusted for proper trunk latch operation

The trunk is opened and closed to check trunk lid sealing and operation

The striker plateshould be made to line up correctly with the trunk latch, or the trunk will not close fully. Alternatively, an incorrect angle where the latch and plate connect will lead to great premature wear and eventual failure. If your trunk striker plate is faulty, have one of your expert mechanics replace it.

Common symptoms showing you may need to change the Trunk Striker Plate:

Trunk lid seems loose when closed

Difficult to latch the trunk closed

Trunk comes open on its own

Trunk striker plate shows visible signs of damage or wear

Importance of this fix:

A bad trunk striker plate will not prevent you from driving your car, but it can stop the trunk from closing properly, and can make it to open while the car is in motion.Our recommendation is having the striker plate changed as soon as you can.