What to know about the Stabilizer Bar Bushings:

Stabilizer bars help keep your car from rolling over when you take sharp turns. The bars transport the vehicle weight from side to side to stop the rolling feeling when cornering. This job places great amounts of stress on these metal bars. Bushings are used to mount the stabilizer bar to the undercarriage of your vehicle, to absorb some of the stress, and to decrease road noise and vibrations that could transfer into the cabin of your vehicle. If the stabilizer bar bushings are worn, the stabilizer bar will still work, though there will be a fair amount of clunking or squeaking. If the stabilizer bar bushings come out of place or are badly damaged, the stabilizer bar is far less effective and much more body roll can be felt.


Facts to Note:

Don’t assume your bushings are in good form because you don’t hear odd noises or clunks; regular maintenance is essential.

Stabilizer bar bushings should always be changed as a pair.

How to Fix:

The vehicle front wheels are put straight and the vehicle is lifted and supported on jack stands

The defective steering stabilizer bar bushings are detached

The new steering stabilizer bar bushings are fitted

The vehicle is taken out from jack stands

The vehicle is started and checked for steering stabilizer bar operation


Our Proposal:

The stabilizer bar bushings should be examined every time you have your vehicle serviced or suspension work done. If the stabilizer bar bushings are worn or loose, have one of your expert mechanics change them.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Stabilizer Bar Bushings:

Clunking noise under your vehicle when your car moves over bumps or when turning, braking, and accelerating

Creaking or squeaking noise when going over bumps

Importance of this service:

The stabilizer bar bushings provide cushioning for the stabilizer bar itself. If the bushings are cracked or loose, they do not pose a safety hazard. If the bushings are missing or have come out of place, it becomes more vital to have the problem addressed hastily.