The water pump gasket is a small, but vital part of an automobile’s engine system. Below are some basic information about the gasket’s composition, what it does for the engine, and what can happen if it malfunctions.

The Composition of a Gasket

The water pump gasket is a little sheet comprised of gasket paper, rubber, silicone, metal, felt, and fiberglass or plastic polymer. It fills the gap between the engine and the water pump in your car.

Preventative Functions

Without the gasket, the coolant flowing between the water pump and the engine block would sure leak out. This could result in overheating of the engine and put strain on the components of the cooling system.

What Occurs When it Malfunctions

If the water pump gasket is worn, the seal keeping the coolant flowing around the engine and through the radiator will not work. A visible sign of a failing water gasket is a pool of water underneath your vehicle. Additionally, corrosion and age can cause the gasket to fail which can lead to engine overheating or water in the oil compartment.