What to know about the Trailing Arm Bushings:

Trailing arm bushings are part of a trailing arm suspension, where a series of interconnected “arms” link the axle and a pivot point on the chassis itself. The front of the trailing arm has the bushing, and a bolt runs through the bushing to attach the trailing arm to the frame of the vehicle. The trailing arm bushing cushions and eases the movement associated with suspension travel while firmly holding the wheel on its correct axis. If the trailing arm bushing is worn or cracked, the trailing arm can’t hold the rear wheel solidly on its axis, which can cause excessive tire wear on the affected rear wheel, a loose feeling when driving, cornering, braking, or accelerating, and clunking noises.


Facts to Note:

If you have a trailing arm bushing changed, you should have a wheel alignment service performed as well.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is raised and held on jack stands and tire removed

The defective trailing arm bushing is detached

The new trailing arm bushing is fixed

The tire is reinstalled and the vehicle taken off the jack stands

The vehicle is road tested for proper operation

Our Proposal:

The trailing arm bushing is made of rubber in most cases and is subject to wear, weathering or cracking over time. This does not require replacement unless there is movement. However, if there is movement in your trailing arm bushing, you should have it changed by one of your expert mechanics to avoid additional repair and maintenance costs or abnormal driving conditions.



Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Trailing Arm Bushings:

Loose feeling in the rear of the vehicle when driving or cornering

Excessive wear or cupping on the rear tires

Clunk can be heard from the rear on bumps and upon braking or accelerating

Importance of this service:

The trailing arm is a link in the rear suspension and can present handling issues if excessive wear is present. Though wear will need to be extreme to present an unsafe driving condition, a worn trailing arm bushing can cause expensive additional repairs such as tire replacement. Have a worn trailing arm bushing changed on time.