What to know about Rear Window Transmission

Vehicles furnished with moveable rear window glass use a window transmission or regulator to drive the glass from the open to closed position. A power window motor changes rotational force into a vertical (or horizontal in some cases) motion to open the glass. The regulator is a metal scissor-type component that runs in a window track. If the window transmission is bent or damaged, the window will not go smoothly along the track or will get stuck and not move at all.

Facts to Note:

  • The rear window will only get a transmission or regulator if there is movable glass.

How to fix:

  • The vehicle battery is disconnected and door panel is removed foe access
  • The defective rear window transmission is taken away
  • The new rear window transmission is fixed properly
  • The battery is reconnected and window is tested to go up and down
  • The rear door panel is fixed also and the window is finally checked for proper operation

Our Proposal:

The rear window transmission is fastened deep inside the rear door and is not reachable for service or maintenance. It should last the lifetime of your vehicle. If you notice an issue with your rear window transmission, let one of your nearby mechanics inspect and replace it if necessary.4



What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Rear Window Transmission?

  • Back window moves up or down in a jerky pattern
  • Rear window halts halfway
  • Abnormal scraping or squealing noise by the back window when in use
  • Rear window becomes stationary

Importance of this service:

Typically, every window needs to work during a safety inspection. The rear window is more of an accessory than the other windows, so it is less critical if the rear window doesn’t open. Have a faulty rear window transmission changed at your convenience.