spark-plug-32083_1280spark plug is an important part in a car’s electrical system. To keeps excellent fuel efficiency and power in your vehicle’s engine, your spark plugs should always be in good condition. Below are signs of bad spark plugs:

  • Your vehicle is hard to start, particularly on cold mornings.
  • You get a slow response when you match on the gas pedal, basically your car does not accelerate as quickly as it used to.
  • You might experience a decrease in gas mileage. This means you need to gas up more often than before.
  • Your engine runs rough, this means the motor is not spinning smoothly on all cylinders and fuel ignition is not efficient in one of the cylinders.
  • You experience engine combustion problems. Usually, failing spark plugs cause the flow of electrical current to become erratic and uneven. Sometimes, the electric current flow is normal and sometimes the flow is abnormal.

To avoid spark plug failures in the future, you should replace it before it completely fails.  Ideally, you should replace spark plugs every two years if you own cars that make use of electronic points. If you own older models that have contact breaker points, spark plugs should be replaced every yearly.