transmission-repair-toolWhen planning on making some repairs to your car’s transmission, understanding the various transmission repair tools will make the job better easier. Below you will find a list of seven common transmission repair tools you will need.


When you’re working on your transmission alone, a transmission jack can be one of the most important tools you need. This type of jack is specially made to securely lift and lower a transmission. Transmission jacks come in two kinds: short and tall. The short kind is for use when you don’t have the components to raise your car overhead, while the tall one is often used in shops with automotive lifts.


Transmission fluid stains are almost not possible to remove from non-sealed concrete and asphalt surfaces. When working  on your transmission where you must remove the driveshaft from the output shaft of the transmission, a properly sized output shaft seal will stop you from spilling transmission fluid all over your driveway or where you have your car parked.


If you will have to disconnect the torque converter or clutch assembly from the flywheel either  with a manual transmission or the flex plate with an automatic transmission, you are going to need to be able to turn the assembly to get to the next bolt as well as be able to hold it from turning when removing the bolts and reinstalling the bolts. A flywheel tool or flywheel wrench will be indispensable in this case. Open it up, insert the tooth between two of the teeth on the flywheel or flex plate and you can either loosen or tighten the bolts without the assembly turning on you.


Whether or not you’re adjusting the clutch on manual transmission, changing the speedometer gear or adjusting the bands on an automatic transmission, you will have to get a full set of wrenches. If you’re planning on removing one transmission and installing another, you’ll also need a set of wrenches to take out all the nuts, bolts and other pieces that will have to be removed before you can remove the transmission.


On newer cars, the automatic transmission is computer controlled. If you have a newer car and are having problems with your transmission, you’re going to need a diagnostic tool, or code scanner, to know exactly what is wrong with your transmission.


If you have a manual transmission that requires a new clutch, you’re going to need something to make sure the splines on the input shaft go up correctly with those in the clutch plate. Otherwise you won’t be able to rightly and completely install the transmission once the new parts are installed. A spline alignment tool will let you to ensure that the splines on the clutch plate align perfectly with the transmission’s input shaft.


If the transmission service or repair job needs you to remove the transmission, you’re going to need a socket set with extensions in order to reach some of the bolts on top of the bell housing?