Understanding More About Luxury and Exotic Car Insurance

automobileglobe.comLuxury and exotic cars are everywhere on the roads today, and drivers seek to enjoy their comfort, safety and social status. These cars have a high initial and maintenance cost, which means that they are at a higher risk of suffering loss in value than the standard cars. Mainly, they are produced by specific manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, BMW, Range Rover, Bentley and Rolls Royce among others.

But have you ever wondered how insurance for luxury and exotic vehicles works? According to auto experts, luxury and exotic cars require full coverage to protect them from theft, collision and vandalism among other dangers. Let us look at how these insurance plans work in detail.

Common Types of Insurance Coverage

· Collision coverage – this only helps to repair a vehicle that is covered in the case of an accident. Luxury vehicle drivers can add this coverage to make sure that their expensive vehicles will receive the best repairs possible without the owners digging into their pockets.

· Comprehensive coverage – this is the highest level of insurance that an insurer can provide in most countries. The vehicle owner is protected from liability to a third party in case of an accident. Further, your exotic vehicle is protected from various incidents like theft, fire, vandalism and collision. Since luxury vehicles are expensive, the insurance policy premium will also be high. All the luxury vehicles at https://milanirentals.com have comprehensive coverage and clients have nothing to worry about.

· Liability coverage – no one wants to be liable for damage to other vehicles or the medical coverage of the injured persons. Whether you are renting an exotic car from a rental company or driving a personal luxury car, you will be safer with liability coverage.

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Getting the Best Rates

Although the premiums in this range are generally high, you can still get the best rates if you look around thoroughly. Different companies may have varying rates while still maintaining the same benefits. Get quotes from different reputable companies for your luxury vehicle.

Fleet companies can negotiate a good rate with popular insurers since they are buying policies in bulk. Sticking with one insurance company will lead to receiving a discount as a result of loyalty, although this will occur in subsequent years after continuing to pay the premiums. However, the service providers may argue that such vehicles are at a higher risk if they are rented to different drivers.

If all the vehicles are equipped with safety features like GPS trackers, alarm response systems, smart dashboard cameras and anti-theft features, the insurer may give a discount for these safety features. Therefore, you can install these features even if they do not come with the vehicle from the manufacturer to protect the vehicle and also provide an opportunity to enjoy this discount.


Luxury and exotic vehicles should receive the best protection possible. They are not the type of vehicle a person can take chances on. Vehicle rental companies are at an even higher risk because the vehicles are used by different people, and some people may have ill intentions. Now that you know how it works, you will be able to insure your luxury and exotic vehicle in the right way.