http://www.automobileglobe.comIn-dash GPS navigation-In-dash GPS navigation systems come with large LCD screens and can come either mounted directly from the factory or as an aftermarket replacement for your existing stereo. High-end models provide touch-screen control and Bluetooth convenience.

Portable GPS navigation-Portable GPS navigation devices are a snap to mount, and they have no bearing on your existing stereo unit. These devices are usually small LCD screens that are typically secured to your dash or windshield using a removable arm with a clip-on clamp for holding the GPS unit. Some models provide both battery and plug-in power support, and most feature touch screen controls and pre-loaded maps. Bluetooth connectivity and real time traffic information are also offered on some models.

Navigation car radios-If your car didn’t come with a GPS system installed, you can change your existing factory radio with a navigation car radio that is made particularly for your make and model of car. Since it is made specifically for your vehicle, installation is easier than having to deal with modifiers and other installation kits.

Portable hand-held GPS navigation-If you love the outdoors, then you might like that a portable hand-held GPS navigation device will follow you from the vehicle and into the mountains or down the river. Resembling walkie-talkies, these hand-held devices keep accurate track of your travels, including altitude, traveling speed and location.

Your car is like your second home, so get the most out of it. Adding a vehicle DVD player or navigation system will include value to the vehicle, and either system will make those long drives much more enjoyable.