You may be able to save some money buying one of the cheap electric ones from China, but a Razor is going to last much longer and has more verve.

This pocket bike makes it to the next level compared to the other two Razor bikes on this list. It uses three 12V batteries in series for a 36V system. This gives it ample power and allows it to carry riders up to 220 pounds. It makes use a 650-watt electric motor to let you to get up to 20 miles per hour. You should be able to hit even higher speed if you weigh less.


Battery life is the best of the three Razors on the category list, up to 50 minutes of use on a full charge. The aim of this is that the RSF650 uses three batteries together. Don’t worry about charging times either, they will still be around 4-6 hours. The reason they do not take longer to charge is because all three batteries are being charged at the same time. This means that more wattage can be applied at the same time without damaging the batteries.

This pocket bike is also the largest on this list. It sits at 30 inches at the bars. This makes it almost mini bike rather than a pocket bike, but it is still worth mentioning on here because it is the best pocket bike for bigger riders like myself. It also has better parts because of the size. When you scale something down to the point of your average pocket bike it just becomes very tough to make parts that are durable. With this one, however, the parts are much better quality.