If you reason if you can replace the clutch yourself, you should first consider how much idea you have regarding how to do it and the vehicle pieces involved. Changing the clutch is not an easy work and you should not try to do it if you don’t know how to go about it. If you know how to properly replace it and have the right working tools in order to do it, then you should still be very careful and pay attention to every detail prescribed.

First of all, you should have bear in mind the fact that replacing the clutch is different depending on the kind of car you have. Even though it would be not easy in any case, changing the clutch in a front wheel vehicle will be even more difficult than if it is a rear wheel car.


If you have a rear wheel car, then you must remove other car parts before being able to access the clutch. In these situation, you will have to take out the drivesaft, the transmission and bell housing in order to gain access to the clutch. Once you get to the clutch you can unfasten it from the flywheel and then change it.

When you change the clutch, you should also pay attention to the other parts surrounding it and check them. If any other car part seems too old or broken, you should change it as well. You should pay special attention to the flywheel, the throw-out bearing and the pilot bushing which is found at the end of the crankshaft.

Once you have changed the clutch, the most difficult step and the one which you should pay close attention to is the transmission reinstallation. Because of the great weight of the transmission, this step usually needs a jack or other person’s help. Besides, you could not place the transmission right on its place unless the clutch is properly aligned. Therefore, you must pay attention to positioning it on its perfect place each part you have removed in order to be able to reinstall everything and have the vehicle properly functioning again.