What to know about the Horn Relay:

The horn relay attaches a low power circuit to an electromagnet, which operates a mechanical switch. That switch either opens or closes a circuit that carries a higher power, which causes the horn to sound. There is a low power circuit running to your car’s steering wheel, and when it is put on, the horn sounds. When you release the horn button, the low power circuit is opened and the power level of the relay drops, silencing the horn.


Facts to Note:

You are required by law to have a functioning horn in your car.


Your car horn is a safety mechanism that allows you to notify other drivers of potential danger.

How to Fix:

The vehicle battery is disconnected

The horn relay position is identified

The new horn relay and wiring are fixed

The battery is wired back

The repair is confirmed and the vehicle horn is tested for proper operation

Our Proposal:

If your horn is not functioningas it should, you have no way of alerting another driver that he or she is about to collide with your vehicle, and you have no way of telling other drivers of any dangers further down the road. Your expert mechanics can detect any problems with your car horn, and if necessary, can change the horn relay for you.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Horn Relay:

You press the horn button and no good sound is heard

You press the horn button but all you hear is a click

Horn only works sometimes

Importance of this service:

Your horn is your first line of defense when it comes to problems in traffic. With a faulty horn relay, your horn will work at all. If your horn is not working properly, get one of your expert mechanics to immediately correct the problem.