The crankshaft oil seal is probably one of the most vitals things under your hood. Its main duty is to seal the openings on either end of the crankshaft —the front and the rear. It also helps keeps the crankcase seal, and while it is made from durable material able to withstand pressure, heat, and oil, this seal will go bad over time.

Depending on which type you’re dealing with, a change can be easy. The front crankshaft oil seal can be repaired by any body with the right directions, but unless you have all the right equipment, it is advisable to have the rear crankshaft oil seal changed by an auto mechanic.


Lift the Vehicle

Before you start you’ll need to jack up the vehicle. Use a lug nut wrench to remove the front wheel and place the jack stand under to support it.

Remove the Belt

Next, you will need to remove the serpentine belt from the engine. Place a three-inch breaker bar on the tensioner and lift. Pull the belt out from the alternator and pull it off the crankshaft to completely take it out.

Take Out the Splash Shield

The splash shield that contains the front crankshaft oil seal will have to come off as well. This is founded inside the wheel well next to the engine. To remove it, start by pulling out the push pins on top. Then, use a panel remover to take out the center of the pin before you remove the others. Once all the push pins are gone, you can get rid of the shield as well.

Take Out the Crankshaft Oil Seal

Remove the 15mm-headed bolt keeping the cranks pulley; then, take out the bolts and the pulley itself. You should now be able to see fully the crankshaft.

Pry out the shield, which is the round ring-like metal situated on the center, using a screwdriver to get to the oil seal.

Insert New Seal

Before you make the change, check out how deep it goes to make sure that you are able to properly fit it with a new one. If it goes too deep for you to pull out, then you will want to take the car to professional instead of continuing.

Once the old seal is out, slide the new one into position. Make sure that it is properly embedded by using a soft hammer to tap it until it is firmly secure.

Change Everything

After you have put the new crankshaft oil seal, you can put the shield back on and tighten it with the all the bolts you brought out. Put back the splash shield and change the push pins as well before you fit the serpentine belt where it belongs. Make sure that the bolts and the belt are properly placed before putting the wheel back in.