What to know about the Power Seat Switch:

The power seat switches are situated inside the car and are usually fixed to the seat or door panel. The switch transfers the power to the seat motor(s) enabling you to move the seat in various selectable directions. If the switch is abnormal, the seat will be stationary or moves only in limited directions. It is common for debris to get stuck in tracks obstructing the seats from moving. Cleaning the debris may solve the problem, but if not, we can help.


Facts to Note:

If your power seat is not working, it may not be a problem with the control; it could also be an abnormal power seat motor, or debris in the seat tracks.


How to Fix:

Take out the seat.

Inspect the switch & motor.

Ensure that the motor is not clogged with debris.

Inspect the wiring.

Take out and replace power seat switch if faulty.

Check operation of the seat in each direction of movement.

Our Proposal:

Do not allow materials such as pens, pencils, trash, and other debris under your seat. The debris can block the seat tracks and even burn the circuit in the switch prematurely. If the seat does not move when you press the switch, have the mechanic inspect the fuse for that circuit and the control for the seat.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Power Seat Switch:

Power seat becomes stationary.

Seat does not move in all directions selected.

Seat haults while moving in selected direction.

Seat moves very slowly in selected direction.

Important of this service:

When you press the power seat button on your seat or door, the power seat control triggers a motor which then moves your seat forward or backward on a track. This control enables you to find the optimal placement for your seat, so that the gas and brake pedals are the right distance for your feet, and so that you are comfortable. When the power seat switch stops functioning, the seats will not move when you press the button, and you will not be able to control the placement of your seat. Improper seat placement affects a driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle at the correct distance from the pedals and steering wheel.