What to know about lubricating the ball joints:

Good suspension enables the wheels to move over bumps and potholes smoothly while making the car experiences a very little amount of the jolt. In order for the wheels to move freely of the vehicle’s body, joints connect parts together while enabling them to move around. On parts that need to move in multiple directions at the same time, ball joints are the only solution.


Facts to Note:

To access the ball joint, wheels and brake parts will usually have to be taken out.

When lubricating the ball joint, the steering knuckle and other suspension parts can be checked for excess wear.

If a ball joint is covered in a rubber boot, the mechanic will make sure that the boot is still protecting the joint from dirt and debris.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is raised and placed on jack stands

The ball joints on the suspension system is found

The Zerk grease fittings on the ball joints are found also

New grease is applied into the grease fittings with a grease gun

The vehicle is lowered off of the jack stands

Our Proposal:

The ball joints should be greased when the manufacturer suggests. This information can usually be found in a vehicle’s manual. The lubricant may wear away prematurely if the joint is not properly protected. Servicing the ball joints usually requires the removal of the wheels and brakes. This enables access to other parts that usually aren’t as easily serviceable. Other joints aside from the ball joint may need lubrication. Parts may be showing excess wear. The steering knuckle and control arm should be checked as well. There are lot of suspension and steering components that a vehicle could have, so consult the vehicle’s manual for any model-specific repairs or services that may need to be done.



Common symptoms indicating you need to lubricate the ball joints:

Loud squeaking or groaning when the suspension moves or when steering

Steering or suspension seems to operate less smoothly

Importance of this service:

This service is fairly important and affects crucial components in the vehicle. Proper lubrication of components is a staple of preventative maintenance. Ball joints have to be completely replaced when they become too worn, and wear happens much faster without proper lubrication.