What is the Axle Shaft Seal all?

The front axle shaft seal is what keeps the fluid in your differential from leaking out around the axle. The differential transfers engine power from your transmission to the wheels, and lets your wheels to move. Accordingly, it requires to be lubrication, as does your axle. The front axle shaft seal mounts into the axle shaft tube or the differential case depending on design, and keeps the internal fluid from leaking out. If the front axle shaft seal becomes bad, transmission fluid will leak and possibly create damage to the transmission or differential.

Bear in mind:

  • It is vital to fix an axle shaft seal as soon as possible as the fluid can damage brake parts.
  • Fluid leaks can create problems not just with the adjacent parts – they can compound and affect other parts in your vehicle.

How it is done:

  • The vehicle is put on jack stands and the four tires are removed. The front and rear brake calipers and brackets are taken out to access the axle.
  • The front axle is taken out to access the defective front axle seal. The seal is taken out and replaced with a new seal.
  • The rear axle is taken out to access the defective rear axle seal. The seal is removed and changed with a new seal and a new differential gasket. The axles are then refilled.
  • The tires are reinstalled and the car is removed from jack stands. Brakes are pumped up and set for operation.
  • The car is road tested to ensure proper operation of all the parts that have been worked on.


The front axle shaft seal does not need maintenance, though it may fail unexpectedly. If there is an issue with your front axle shaft seal or any other component of your drive train, have it diagnosed and corrected by an expert mechanic.

What common signs indicate you may need to chang the Axle Shaft Seal?

  • Fluid leaks found near the front wheels
  • The transmission or differential fluid is reduced

How vital is this service?

Never neglect any type of fluid leak. If the front axle shaft seal is bad, you could end up leaking transmission fluid, and at some point your transmission will stiffen. You’ll incur costly repairs or have to change the transmission entirely. A small leak can be monitored closely and managed, but if you’re losing a lot of fluid, get the front axle shaft seal changed as soon as possible.