What to know about the Spring Insulators:

Whenever you drive, your suspension has to deal with the force brought by bumps, potholes, and other road irregularities. Your front springs take a lot of that abuse, and your front spring insulators work to further reduce the likelihood of injury. The front spring insulators are small pieces of rubber that are situated at the top and bottom spring mounts. Lacking these insulators, the force of bad road conditions would be transferred to your car’s body, and the vehicle occupants would bear the brunt of such nasty effects.


Fact to Note:

Front spring insulator replacement is not part of your routine upkeep.

Over time, front spring insulators can crack and even disintegrate, leaving your coil springs undefended.

Good quality insulators last a long time, but will in the long run have to be replaced.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is held on jack stands and all four tires are detached. The front and rear bottom shocks are disconnected while supporting the suspension.


The defective front spring insulator is changed by lowering the lower control arm and replacing the top and bottom spring insulators.


The new rear spring insulators are fixed by lowering the rear end till the spring can be detached to install the new insulators.


The suspension is lifted and shocks are reconnected. All tires are reinstalled and the vehicle is detached from the jack stands.


The springs are road tested to ensure proper quiet operation.


Our Proposal:

Front spring insulators are subject to wear but do not have a replacement interval. Problems are addressed as they arise. If you suspect your front spring insulators need to be replaced or are experiencing related symptoms, have one of our expert mechanics inspect and replace them as necessary.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Spring Insulators:


Excessive road noise transferred into the passenger’s cabin

Grinding noise when turning

Importance of this service:

If your front spring insulators are injured or worn, your driving experience will be significantly noisier. Extra problems such as broken or worn coil springs can occur if the problem is ignored. Have your spoiled or worn coil spring insulators fixed in due time.