A loose steering is not only a problem for the driver but also a risk to his safety as well as to the safety of all the other cars around him. Thus, if you have a loose steering it is recommendable that you fix it before you drive the car. Adjusting the steering might vary in difficulty depending on how knowledgeable you are on it as well as on the kind of steering it is.

If it is a standard mechanical or gear box type power steering, working on it would be much easier than if it is a rack and pinion type. But, the first thing you should do before trying to fix it is to ensure you know how to properly do it or you could end up creating bigger problem than you had at the beginning.


If it is the standard mechanical or gear box type steering, you should start by learning from the vehicle owner’s manual how to find the power steering gear box. Once you locate this, you will be able to find a screw on it which would let you to do the steering adjustments you want. In order to properly adjust it through this screw you should maintain the vehicle engine running, turn the screw a little and then turn the steering wheel until it is ready.

The rack and pinion steering has its steering wheel directly connected to the rack. The rack has a pinion assembly into it which moves the steering gear through a piston. This system is much more difficult than the gear box type and you should ask for assistance in case you need to fix it and haven’t done it before. Besides, this mechanism makes for more precise adjustments to be done to the wheel direction and it is vital that you have some ideas on how it should exactly be once it is adjusted in order for it to be correctly fixed.

If your automobile has a Mc Pherson suspension system, it is very probable that it has a rack and pinion steering. This is because of the way in which these two systems are highly compatible and can be easily and efficiently linked. If your vehicle uses this combination, then the operation of the steering system would be different from other cases due to the fact that the Mc Pherson system would control some of the duties which in other cases also depend on the steering.