What to know about the Headlight Switch:

The headlamp switch enables you to turn on the lights. If the switch does not function, you won’t be able to turn on the lights. Not only is it unsafe to drive the car without proper lights, but it is also illegal.


What to Note:

The switch may only be got from the dealer. YourMechanic will inquire about the cost and availability from a local dealer.

Sometimes, your vehicle may have a combination switch, which combines the headlight switch and turn signal switch in one assembly.

How to Fix:

Check the switch.

Test the fuses.

Remove and change the switch if found faulty.

Check operation of all vehicle lighting.

Our Proposal:

A mechanic should check all the lights in the car during every major service event. If the lights do not light up, the mechanic should check the fuse, wiring, and connectors. It is rampant for the lens to get dirty and not allow enough light to shine through. It is essential to keep the headlamp lens clean and free of oxidation. Mechanics can use a special lens oxidation restorer kit to clean the headlights.



Common symptoms indicating you may need to replace the Headlight Switch:

Headlamps do not turn on.

Running lights do not turn on.

Not able to select or deselect high beam operation.

Importance of this service:

The headlight switch enables you to turn on and off your headlights. When you press the button or pull the lever (depending on your vehicle) to put on your headlights, the headlight switch is responsible for triggering the lights. A broken headlight switch means that you won’t be able to turn on your headlights. Driving without headlights is dangerous to you, your passengers, and your surroundings, and it can also result in an expensive ticket.