What to know about the Air Suspension Dryer Assembly:

The vast majority of passenger cars in the US use a spring/strut or shock assembly in the suspension. However, there are others that use a different type of suspension – an air suspension. You find this frequently with luxury cars, as well as some European imports, and it’s offered on some high-end SUVs as an upgradeable option. Air suspension gives a very high quality, comfortable ride, and it works very well initially. However, over time, it’s subject to a number of problems not found with other types of suspension.



The most common fault with air suspension systems is compressor airbag deterioration, but equipment failure can also be an issue. In order to alter to different driving surfaces and needs, an air suspension is furnished with an air compressor/air suspension dryer. This assembly is in charge of inflating the airbags to the proper level. The dryer serves the same function as the one in your HVAC system, namely to remove unwanted moisture from the air.


Over time, the air suspension dryer assembly will degrade and eventually fail. Replacement is essential to keep your suspension in good condition.


Facts to Note:

If the compressor/dryer assembly fails, it’s possible that the compressor airbags will not inflate, causing the vehicle to sag and the suspension quality to drop drastically.

In many vehicles, the compressor/dryer is a single assembly and must be changed together.

How to Fix:

The air suspension dryer assembly is confirmed to see if it needs to be changed

The defective air suspension dryer assembly is taken out

The new air suspension dryer assembly is fixed

The air suspension dryer assembly is tested for operation

The vehicle is tested to ensure proper operation of the air suspension dryer assembly

Our Proposal:

Your air suspension needs an operational compressor/dryer assembly in order to operate. While a failed dryer won’t make your vehicle unable to be driven, it will compromise the performance and your comfort on the road. Have your suspension properly maintained by one of your professional mechanics and changed if required.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Air Suspension Dryer Assembly:

Sagging suspension

Loose or bouncy ride

The compressor will not run

Importance of this service:

The air suspension dryer assembly operates in tandem with the compressor to first remove moisture, and then to inflate the air bags that form your suspension. As such, it’s a critical device. If the air bags do not inflate correctly, you may be driving with soft, uneven suspension that is unable to compensate for aggressive driving maneuvers. If you have noticed any change in your suspension’s performance or ride quality, have the air suspension system checked. Have the air suspension dryer assembly changed if it is deemed faulty.