What to know about the Air springs all about:

While gas shock and strut suspensions might be the most famous and the most widely used, they’re not the only option out there. Many higher end vehicles, as well as European imports, use either an air or liquid-based system. Air suspensions are actually very famous for a number of reasons, including the point that they provide much better comfort while driving, and can be user adjusted to offer things like a lower entrance height depending on specific needs

Air springs are the rubber bladders under the vehicle that hold air and are in charge of raising the chassis off the axles. They’re also known as airbags or air bellows. They’re relatively uncomplicated, but they do suffer from a few issues. The most common problem you’ll face is that as the air springs age, the rubber can become dry and brittle, cracking and leaking. Any failure with the air compressor dryer will exacerbate the problem.


By the time the air springs have started to degrade, the ride quality will also reduce. Eventually, the air springs will need to be changed.


Facts to Note:

Rubber air springs will naturally degrade through normal wear and tear.

Air springs are not technically part of normal maintenance, but a knowledgeable mechanic will note their condition.

As springs begin to leak, the suspension will sag, decreasing comfort and performance.

How to Fix:

The air suspension air spring is confirmed to see if it needs to be change

The defective air spring is taken out

The new air spring is fixed

The air springs are tested for operation

The vehicle is tested to ensure proper operation of the air suspension system


Our Proposal:

Air springs are critical devices of your suspension system, and if they’ve started to leak, or you’ve had one blow out, your ride quality is likely uneven. It will also have a straight impact on the handling and performance characteristics of your car. Not all mechanics are experienced with air suspensions, so have one of your expert mechanics check for the problem and change the air springs if need be.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Air Springs:

Sagging suspension

Compressor continues to run

Suspension doesn’t reach normal height

Importance of this service:

If your air springs are not holding air for a long time, or one or more has blown out completely, it’s essential that you have them changed as soon as you can. Your vehicle will not handle properly with weak or leaked out air bags and you can get into an accident. Have worn or leaking air springs changed as soon as you can.