How to choose the battery of your car

When you see how easy a car battery gets, it can be said that it’s just as easy to find a new one. But if you want your new battery does not let go of the first frost or the beginnings of a heat wave, you will have to look a little. No worries, Mechanic Base is here to guide you!

The choice of your battery

A car battery, once installed, requires no maintenance until the end of its life. Nevertheless, to avoid recurring breakdowns, it is imperative to carefully choose the one that will replace the used one of your vehicle.

Information to be taken

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You cannot go blind in buying a new coin. First of all, you will have to observe your old battery in order to get the most information about it, among which:

• The dimensions of your battery (length x width x height),

• The voltage (for “classic” cars, the voltage is 12V),

• The cold test current (A for ampere),

• The capacity of the battery (Ah for ampere / hour),

• The arrangement of the poles on the battery,

• The technology (is it a standard template or “Start & Stop”).


You must absolutely take into account, first of all, the dimensions of your battery. Indeed, it would be unfortunate to buy one that does not enter the compartment provided for this purpose under the hood of your vehicle!

The capacity represents the “electrical reserves” that the battery can have. So you can quite possibly (we could almost advise it) buy a battery with a capacity higher than that planned by the manufacturer. However, be sure not to exceed the capacity of your original battery by more than 50%.

Finally, if your car has a Start & Stop system, you will need a suitable battery. It is indeed an energy-intensive system that requires an EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) or AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, more efficient than traditional batteries. Note however that an AGM battery can replace an EFB, but the reverse is impossible!

The choice of your battery in store

The brand of your battery

As with many products, you will find lots of brands of batteries. According to UFC what to choose, a score of brands share the market, behind which are hiding only three or four manufacturers. Also, do not be fooled by attractive marketing: private label brands offer batteries produced in the same plants as domestic brands. The result? The quality is at the rendezvous is the lowest price. You are a winner!

The right price for a car battery

The price of a new car battery varies greatly depending on the brand you choose, but in general, the batteries offered by the private label are the cheapest.

Also, some auto centers offer of takeover bids of up to € 10-15 on your used part for the purchase of a new home.

Attention to storage

Whether at the point of purchase or at home if you do not need it immediately, pay close attention to battery storage. Indeed, if their lifespan is initially several years, heat and humidity have disastrous consequences on the chemical components of the batteries.

These should be stored indoors, in a dusty place, away from moisture and at room temperature. If a center offers to buy a battery stored outside, run away!