How Safe Is It to Drive With A Worn Wheel Bearing

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Automobile wheel bearings aid a vehicle roll smoothly. Bad or missing wheel bearing signs include grinding noises, a loose steering wheel, and most often an uneven tire wear.

The wheel bearings in your cars work with the tire, hub, and wheel to provide a smooth ride while you are going down the road. If a wheel bearing develops a fault, more friction will be put on the wheel, and the wheel will then begin to wobble.

It is however not safe to drive with a missing or bad wheel bearing. Driving without a wheel bearing is quite dangerous, so if you observe any of the 3 symptoms below, contact a mechanic as soon as you can. One of your wheel bearings may be about to completely fall off, and the signs present danger to driving.

  1. Loud Noise Issuing from the Tire or Wheel The most common sign with a bad wheel bearing is a loud noise issuing from the tire or wheel of the car. It will sound like a metal grinding on metal and will get louder as the car gets faster. If you observe noises coming from the wheel, contact your mechanic straight away.
  2. Steering Wheel That Feels Loose If the steering of your car feels loose, implying the steering wheel wobbles greatly, it can be another symptom of a wheel bearing gone bad. This is an unsafe situation to be in since the car will not be as responsive as it ought to be.
  3. Tires That Wear Out Faster A potential downfall of a bad or missing wheel bearing is your car tires wearing out faster than if you had your wheel bearings changed when they first showed symptoms of trouble. A bad wheel bearing can result to uneven tire wear, which then implies you will have to buy tires sooner. If you feel your wheel bearing is going bad, it is best to have the bearing changed before the tires go bad to save both money on tires and your peace of mind.

If a particular wheel bearing gets missing, it is not advisable for you drive the car at all as the wheel can fall off completely while the car is in motion. The wheel bearing is an important part in keeping the wheel attached to your vehicle, so without it, the wheel has nothing to hold on to. This is a dangerous scenario to be in, particularly if you are driving down the highway, as you can completely lose control of your vehicle and the tire can create an obstruction to other drivers. Have your wheel bearings changed as soon as possible.