What to know about the Low Oil Level Sensor all about:

The vital work of the low oil level sensor is protecting your engine from friction as well as wear and tear. You need to have the right amount of oil in the engine at all times or the friction and heat will severely lower the longevity of your engine mechanisms. Today, most cars come with an oil level sensing system that regulates how much oil is in the pan and transfers the information to the car’s computer. If the level is too low, the computer turns on the Low Engine Oil light on the dash, warning the driver of the problem.



The low oil level sensor is attached to a float type device in the oil pan. It measures the amount of oil present in the pan during operation. With regard on the position of the float, the sensor knows how much oil is present and directs the data to the computer. The computer equates that information with the preprogrammed readings from the automaker and determines if it’s sufficient.


Facts to Note:

The Low Engine Oil light is situated in the dash gauge cluster and should come on for a few seconds after you initially crank the engine.

If you get intermittent warning lights in the dash, but the level of the oil in your pan is normal, the low oil level sensor is likely the culprit.

The low oil level sensor is not an included part of any normal inspection.

How to Fix:

The vehicle is lifted and held on jack stands and the oil and filter are detached

The defective low oil level sensor is detached

The new low oil level sensor is fixed

The vehicle is detached from jack stands then oil and filters installed

The vehicle is started and checked for oil leaks and level operation

Our Proposal:

Maintaining the right oil level in your engine at all times is absolutely vital. If the low oil level sensor in your engine is faulty, you have no way to determine if there’s a problem. If the oil level does drop too low, there’s the potential for significant damage. Have one of your expert mechanics diagnose the system if you suspect a problem.


Common symptoms indicating you may need to change the Low Oil Level Sensor:

Low Engine Oil warning light on in the dash, even when the level is correct

Intermittent warning lights when level is full

Light comes on and stays on when oil is full

Importance of this service:


While the low oil level sensor isn’t critical to engine operation, it is an important safeguard. If you’re experiencing any problems with the light and suspect that the sensor is to blame, have your expert mechanics diagnose the problem.