Hack: The Most Common Driving Mistakes You Need to Know

Summary: Find out some tips on how to drive your car safely and how a tracking and navigation device can help you while driving.

There are many mistakes drivers do whether veteran or new drivers. Bad drivers need to admit their faults and take up refresher courses to get updated and oriented on basic rules and the right driving skills. Driving safely is important and modern technology has led to the introduction of useful gadgets like the magnetic car tracking device.

The most common mistakes made by drivers are:

Not Adhering to the Speed Limit Instructions

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The biggest issue is driving at a very high speed. A very low speed poses some danger too! However, driving so fast is linked with most accidents that occur. Most surprisingly, people are aware speeding is dangerous but fail to keep their speed within the acceptable range. This makes this repeatedly done mistake a pure human error. To avoid over speeding a driver can use speed sensors that give an alert to slow down when speed goes overboard.

Making Abrupt Starts or Stops

Another common mistake among drivers is sudden braking and acceleration. Note that this doesn’t significantly contribute to accidents but also lead to use of a lot of fuel. A good driver who cares about life and those of others drives smoothly and this goes a long way in keeping the car in good condition too!

Improper Lane Changes

Lane changes also are one of the major ways for drivers to cause an accident. Most drivers normally forget to notice blind spots and end up crashing to a nearby car. A driver is required to check the mirror, give a signal, and do a blind spot check during a lane change always. The use of blind spot sensors aids in giving warnings in case of any unsafe lane change.

Distracted Driving

All drivers are aware that distracted driving is dangerous but still go ahead and do it. One of the major examples of distracted driving is texting while driving. Other common distractions are starting on music or pressing skip in case music playing is annoying, talking to a passenger, and taking a phone call among others.

Ignoring Parking Lots Instructions

Pay great attention while in the parking lot is important just like a driver is needed to be careful while driving on the road. Rich evidence indicates accident rates have significantly risen in the parking lots the environment there is busy and has a lot of distractions. Statistics show that over 50% percent of the drivers often plan their day’s trip on their navigators, drivers who receive phone calls when driving make up over 50%, and surprisingly, 50% do groom themselves while driving. These are just but a few of the many distractions drivers may indulge in and calls for the need to pay attention in the parking lots. It is a requirement that a driver does away with any kind of distractions once the car/vehicle is started ready to drive away.


Overconfidence is also among the common driving mistakes. This is rampant among many drivers including the veteran drivers and this is very risky as well.

Additional Information

Studies show that 8 out 10 people rate themselves as above average drivers. Human error accounts for 90% of all accidents meaning the above average drivers also make mistakes. This implies that even the veteran drivers should know that any form of carelessness can make them cause accidents. Employing the use of gadgets such as blind spot sensors, speed sensors, and magnetic car tracking device can help in avoiding making the mentioned driving mistakes.