Fixing or replacing your automobile transmission can be one of the very expensive repairs you may have to make on your car. Servicing your transmission following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, not only elongates its life but it can keep a costly repair or breakdown in the future. Of all the systems in your car, the transmission is one of the most complicated. It makes use of a complex system of hydraulics and gears to send power from your engine to your car wheels. As you can imagine, with all the work and shifting that occurs when you drive, a lot of heat is produced inside the transmission.

To assist maintain a safe and constant working temperature, your auto uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the moving components. The fluid lowers the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and assist increase the life of this very vital system. Because some of the ingredients available in the transmission fluid break down over time because of this heat, many car manufacturers recommend the fluid be changed at specified maintenance intervals. Traditional transmission service only drains and changes about 40% of the total fluid in the transmission. Partial fluid change may lead to increased heat buildup and transmission failure in the future.

Your auto mechanic most follow your car’s manufacturer’s recommended service interval to carry out an entire transmission flush to empty all the fluid. Then, we change it with new, clean transmission fluid. The result being a transmission that will be very clean, cool and lubricated, offering reliable service.