If there has been no airbag deployment after a car accident, something may be wrong with your car. Airbags are essential units of your car safety features and they can be the difference between life and death of the passengers inside the car during an accident. below are a few common reasons why there might be no airbag deployment after an accident.

Speed Threshold
most airbags are manufactured to deploy at a certain speed. Accidents that don’t trip the sensor will not cause the airbags to deploy. There are instances where airbag deployment during a low speed accident has hurt the driver more than the real accident. Most airbags are made to have a threshold limit of 14 mph, above which they will deploy. There is equally a lower limit of 8 mph, below which the airbag will not deploy. These specifications vary with models, so read the owner’s manual completely.

Passenger Sensors
most cars have sensors that recognize the passengers sitting inside the car. The meaning is that if you have a single person in the driver’s seat, only the air bag in the driver’s side will inflate. Children also cannot be detected by the sensors that are calibrated to an adult’s body weight. Thus ensure that you seat children in the back seat just for this reason.

Accident Direction
The actual direction of the accident also comes into consideration. For example, your front airbags should not deploy on side impacts or rollovers. This is because side airbags, curtain airbags and rollover airbags have to deploy to deal with the side to side impact.

Away from the already highlighted, there are more reasons why your airbags should not deploy after accidents. Check the driver’s manual for more information on your particular car model.