Automobile Turn Signal Switch Replacement

What is this Turn Signal Switch?

Automobile turn signal switch, found inside the vehicle on the steering column, allows you to turn the signal bulbs off and on. Properly working turn signal lights are legally compulsory.

Facts to Know:

The electrical wiring for brake lights often goes through the turn signal switch. This implies that if the turn signal switch is gone bad, your brake lights may equally not be working.

Some car use a “combination” switch. This switch controls the turn signals, running lights, and headlights.

How to Perform the Fix:

Check the switch, fuses, and wirings.

Remove and change the switch if faulty.

Operate the turn signals verify operation of the exterior lights.

Our Proposal:

If your turn signal lights do not work, your mechanic will visually check the fuse(s) and operate the switch a bit to know if he can identify where the issue is. Your mechanic should check all lights during every major service event.

Common signs showing you may need to change the Turn Signal Switch:

Left or right indicator light is not showing.

Brake lights are not functioning.

Running lights or headlamps not functioning.

Unable to vary from high to low beam and back.

Essence of this service:

When you place the turn signal lever on your steering column, the turn signal switch is in control of operating your turn signals. Turn signals are a very vital safety feature that informs drivers all around you that your car will soon be taking a turn. When your turn signal switch dies, you have no way of putting on your turn signals and alerting other drivers. This not only makes your vehicle less safe, but it is equally illegal, and you can be presented a very expensive fix-it ticket.