Air Compressors on Ships Comprehensive Guide

The marine air compressor is greatly important auxiliary machinery offered on ships and other ocean going vessels. It is kept for producing compressed air that has a number of applications on board, both in the engine and deck departments. It’s the work of a marine engineer to make sure that the ship’s air compressor is operating smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, as many other machinery systems in the engine rooms are dependent on the air compressor for their smooth operation, it is imperative that the compressor is preserved in an up-to-date condition at all times.

This guide to marine air compressors offers all the details which you would need to understand, operate, and keep a compressor on a ship.

What are the uses of Compressed air

As stated earlier, the air compressed generated by air compressors is used for a wide array of purposes on ships, beginning from starting of main engine to cleaning and the maintenance purposes. Keep reading this to discover how compressed air is put in use in the daily routine and maintenance jobs of ships.

The fundamentals of air compressor

Know about the basics of air compressor that is used on ships, along with a general overview of the different kinds of air compressors used on board and their applications. This is a must read for all the marine engineers who are just beginning their careers at the sea. It is equally an excellent resource to brush up your air compressor basics.

Diverse components of a marine air compressor

Know about different components of a marine air compressor and how they operate together to provide the compressed air. If you require a detailed explanation about each part of the air compressor, then this is a must read article for you.

Starting and stopping a marine compressor

Once yo get familiarized with the basics and different parts of marine compressor, it is time to get your hands on the machine by knowing how to start and stop the same without any issues.

This is the ultimate checklist for a marine engineer, that wants to start, operate, and stop the marine compressor in the right manner to prevent any damage to the machinery.

Most ships also have a breathing air compressor on board. Check out the procedure to start this compressor here – Procedure for starting breathing air compressor

Safety features and maintenance procedure of marine air compressor

If you are a marine engineer, you would be more interested in the maintenance and repair of marine compressors.

If you are  in doubt about the maintenance procedure you should follow, then read this to find out about different safety features that are available on compressors and how maintenance should be performed.

What is efficiency of air compressor

As you perform routine maintenance of the air compressors, you would equally assess the performance and efficiency of the machine. Find out about the different factors that decide the efficiency of the air compressor and what steps you should  take to ensure efficient running.

Understand Clearance Volume (bumping clearance) of air compressor

While performing the maintenance of the air compressor, clearance volume is one part which is of utmost relevance. It is imperative that every marine engineer understands the importance of measuring bumping clearance along with the procedure to carry this out.

What is an air compressor condition report

A marine engineer has to produce report after he has performed maintenance and repair work on the air compressor.

 Air bottle (air receiver)

The compressed air generated on ships is stored in an air bottle, from where it is sent to different systems.