The most significant component which contributes towards polluting the environment are the harmful fumes from vehicles. They are not only harmful for the environment but also leads to severe smog and health problems for the people. Greenhouse gases trap heat and contributes to global warming. At present, the most important topic of concern is to find a solution to control the emission of harmful gases.

For this reason, Green or Ecofriendly cars are being introduced in the market. Green cars are those vehicles that are able to deliver high mileage with the help of hybrid or electric technology. These cars should reduce the emission of harmful components in the air, yet give the same performance as that of petrol or diesel cars. As the number of cars on the roads is increasing steeply, we are all responsible for making an effort to reduce the humanity’s carbon footprint.


Driving a green car has its own advantages. Hence, there are a lot of other benefits of hybrid cars than just their ecological prowess. Some of them include better fuel consumption and reduced emissions as compared to the traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. They also bring financial benefits, along with a few surprising advantages in terms of car performance. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits associated with driving a green car that could convince you to consider investing in your own electric car.

  1. Minimize Fuel Costs

The first most-praised benefits of owning a hybrid car is reduced fuel consumption. A battery-assisted vehicle can definitely save you money at the fuel pump. A lot of car buyers are fascinated to the flashy fuel mileage numbers boasted by the car manufacturer. For example Toyota emphasized on the fuel efficiency the most when it launched the first hybrid car, the Toyota Prius. These cars are particularly useful for people with a long commute, as they have the ability to drastically reduce the money spent on the monthly fuel bill. A hybrid car is also ideal to drive in situations where there is bumper-to-bumper traffic.

  1. Fewer Emissions

The typical petrol or diesel vehicles contribute to the climate change with their high amount of toxic emissions. This has detrimental effects on the environment. Rather than reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, we should also emphasis on vehicles that are environmental friendly and use less fuel. Vehicles that consume less fuel for the same distance will emit fewer toxic substances into the air. Hence, improving the gas mileage is also a great way to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

In comparison with petrol/diesel cars, hybrid cars keep the environment much cleaner, making a difference predominantly in the massive urban areas. In some states, hybrid cars are also admired for their ‘clean’ tail pipes that owners don’t even have to perform yearly emissions testing. Consequently, this saves the driver from a lot of hassle, money and time.

  1. Exceptional ROI (Return on Investment)

Although, purchasing an environment friendly car comes with the higher investment cost, when compared to the traditional car, but there are long term benefits too. The ROI is almost instant. Various costs including fuel, maintenance, and insurance will drastically drop. So eventually, you save a lot of money. Taking proper care and driving the car responsibly will also benefit you in the long run. Luckily, electric cars are designed in such a way that the engine experiences minimal impact.

  1. No Idling

All metropolises display sign warnings about ‘no-idling’ zones, for a good reason. As idle cars are not just wasting fuel; they’re also contributing to the pollution and smog that we mentioned earlier. Hybrids win again, given that they almost never idle their gasoline engines. Once the car has come to a stop, the internal combustion motor instantly shuts down. This way, the vehicle avoids emissions and conserves fuel. The car’s battery usually takes over, powering the seat heaters, the radio, and the climate systems, until the vehicle moves again to reignite the gas engine. Less pollution and more efficiency – what else could hybrid car owners wish for?

  1. Learning more environmentally driving habits

Most of the car drivers are not professional drivers. That is why we frequently develop driving habits which uses a bit more fuel than necessary. Meanwhile, most hybrid cars provide owners with a basic ‘driving tutor’ system, which compensates drivers for taking it easy on the throttle and the brakes. Simply squeezing the gas and jamming on the brakes at each stoplight is hurting the environment intensely. Re-evaluate some driving habits to make your trips more fuel efficient.


  1. Technological Innovations

As the technology is advancing, large number of cars have the option of recharging their batteries while they are on the roads. Also, in other parts of the world, people are taking initiatives to redesign roads to accommodate the requirements of hybrid cars. This kind of innovation proves that the future of eco-friendly driving holds even more surprises. They also encourage drivers to invest in green cars for the hope of a greener planet. As you enjoy the financial and technological advantages of a green car, you can also demonstrate you are committed to protect the environment. Green or eco-vehicles are beneficial for the owners as well as for the planet.

  1. Higher resale value

The other famous benefit of using a hybrid car is that they have a higher resale value as compared to their gas-only counterparts. This is because, hybrid cars are generally sold in smaller batched, making them scarcer than gasoline models. This also means, that you are going to have a difficult time in finding a used hybrid or electric vehicle. Lastly, most hybrid cars come with robust records of reliability, which adds to the price of a second-hand vehicle.